Friday, August 13, 2010

practicing christian virtues

flower outlined2
 of patience and self control. that meaning the least use of foul language and suppressing a strong killing instinct. the last two days have been spent
- note the use of the passive because the time is more important than the who ;-) - undoing rows and rows of machine knitting. 
and in order to keep my sanity i  shifted between undoing and working on this baby, hand scribbling an outline for the flowers in blue. the original idea was to make the line thicker, but when confronted with the whole piece i decided it would have been too dominant, so i chose a fine scribble instead. i think it's finished and can be put down  to rest. what do you think?

on the life in general department i have been dealing with lost credit cards cancellations, re issuing and all the dysfunctions caused by such PITA.
and the weather has turned crappy, but cooler. can't have it all.

 i'll leave you for the weekend with this good read via textile arts resource guide. just in case you ever find yourself in a rut and start questioning your work.

have a good weekend and enjoy the sun.

neki desu
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  1. Your cloth is beautiful! The blue scribble really did pull it all together.

  2. Cheer up,better days will come :)Hope there was not much of financial repercussion due to the lost credit card.
    Love you,

  3. Can't sympathize or empathize here - as I don't like machine knitting. I am a process person rather than product - and I enjoy the soothing rhythm of the hand knitting. Hand knitting is also much easier to rip out - or just put it down and start something else.


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