Monday, August 16, 2010

TAST-siennese stitch


is it because of their italian resonance and the memories they bring? i seem to really enjoy those italian stitches. 
here'sTAST week 24. i did my best not to fall for the literal and work the stitch in sienna colors :)
i worked with dmc embroidery 6strand cotton floss. most of the sample  was worked with 2 strands, but the slightly skewed stitches were worked with the whole 6 strands.
while at the dmc page i discovered a new to me thread  which sounds promising. has anyone out there tried it?

on another note can someone please tell me how to delete the dumb bullets (dots) in my blogroll and sidebar? looked at the widgets and did not see it.looked in the html innards and ditto. i really can't stand them so please, please tell.

neki desu
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  1. Usually one has to edit the widget and change the style or display there. Have you tried that? If nothing else works, change the template design.May be that'll remove them.

  2. That new thread does look interesting. I didn't see it at The Stitching Post on Friday.


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