Thursday, July 19, 2018

of similarities

according to  the webster similarity is the quality or state of being similar. and same is resembling in every relevant aspect.
so these yarns are similar and i will have to make that a virtue and weave with them.
the good news is that the warp is a color field warp.and the second good news is that the yarns are finally here.
the ever optimist me.

neki desu
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

more budleja- coda

on wool, with alum and  cot mordants. i was too lazy to test the water for ph and to get bottled water for dyeing.
it gave me a dirty yellow, but i am quite content after not dyeing for such a long time. i also need to be more scientific and weight the plant matter i just dumped my bounty in a pot with water.

on cotton the color was much more clearer perhaps because i put the scoured yarn in the bucket, no heat and forgot of its dye cotton it needs to be treated with a tannin and then alum.
michel garcia says to think of of this as friendships:the friends of my friends are also my friends;cotton is friends with tannin, tannin with the mordant and the mordant friends with the dye!
usually tannin gives a beige- browny tone, but i tried liles recommendation to use soda ash instead because it makes alum less acidic.
happy to report that the dye clinged to the cotton just the excess washed off.
i can say i got good colors from budleja and given the abundance of it i am going to keep using it with modifiers to get a variety of colors . 
and i need to test the  ph of the water   ಠ ಠ

neki desu
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

color balnket

still waiting for the yarn to arrive, but testing similar dark blue with other possibles.
hate the magenta with everything!! like the blue with plum, it's the possible candidate.
the PITA is that i changed the face of the  liftplan to get easier lifts and it is  very hard to visualize the back with less weft and more warp. the pattern looks very delicate on the painted warp, sometimes on the dark burgundy warp it almost disappear and on the orange it shows contrasty and lively. this is fabric for a top so i want it to be more on the calm side and . i don't want to get tired of wearing
riotous colors for that i have scarves!
think i'll bite the dust and do the heavy lifts just for mental sanity.

neki desu 
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