Monday, November 19, 2018

living on the edge


pants finished.more to come,but first a jacket.japanese patterns are easy to follow provided you know how to sew.i found the explanation of the elastic back somewhat puzzling, there are easier ways.
anyhow i'm going to make sensei happy today saying something and koto ga dekiru. that was the last lesson.going to try going fancier, linguistically speaking  (*^▽^*)

neki desu
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

the concept of waste yarn

you begin your knitting using waste yarn and knit some rows ,then you begin the actual knitting.the reason behind is that that yarn will distort with the weights but then you'll unravel it to the good,perfect part.
problem is when all the knitting becomes waste yarn.because of run stitches, missed stitches, looped stitches and all kinds of misbehavior. the knitting is pulled out from the machine and ditched to the no good pile,sigh.yarn wasted.
beginning again that particular piece.and i thought weaving taught patience. compared to machine knitting weaving is a piece of cake,in machine knitting you need to control a tremendous number of variables.that is why when all works it is so exhilarating.

neki desu
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Monday, November 12, 2018

clearing little bs

bought weights to add to  the hemline of this top. the back flared and it felt uncomfortable. what i mean by flare is that it rides up and kills the line.
since i had plenty of lead weights i also used some on this japanese cover up i bought in kyoto which also flared a tad in the back. mine's prettier (*^▽^*) because it's dark teal with mauve shibori dots.
after that and some other repairs i finally got down to cutting the pants.they are a very light wool fabric called nun's veil here, but unlike the one you get in the u.k it is not wool voile.
will have new pants for the winter.

neki desu
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