Friday, October 16, 2020

ai ,kasuri, nihon

these are 3 of my favorite things.
have a good weekend

neki desu 
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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

weaving with silk crepe yarns

they kink like crazy presenting all kinds of problems. but the ingenious weaver can hack her life out of problems. using the k machine tension mast and an old warping board turned winding station .
the tension mast eyelet is at the top vertex, the bobbin winder on the chest of drawers  and the bobbin rests sideways so that it can unwind judiciously, the yarn being helped by eyelets that control the kinks to some extent.
the rest is my messy studio, please make allowances.

more kink control devices, this time a fly shuttle gifted to me by a lady weaver of nishijin museum in kyoto. the shuttle is lined with fur and rumor has it that the best fur is cat fur. do not get grossed out.

i still have about 2 meters of warp which i am weaving in s and z twisted crepes for some artie pieces,
going to be using some bengara with them.stay tuned.

neki desu 
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Monday, October 12, 2020

3.5 meters of the invisible

in plain weave and took forever, but it was painless.

 degummed in a mild solution of soda ash on low heat. for the fist time it softened well without the silk losing its shine.

the sample and the outcome . 56 cms at reed, collapsed to 9 cms. now on to dyeing. soft greish mauve or interesting navy?

neki desu
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