Monday, July 25, 2016

there's future in mono printing

just adding one more trick under my belt. although i had done monoprinting in art school it was the traditional way and using a press.
had read the raving reviews about gelli plates, but quite honestly i wasn't into spending around 80 dollars plus shipping for one of the bigger sizes. that's 3-4 150 gram  yarn cones from colourmart and one has priorities 。^‿^。
however, as the internet can be a wonderful resource, i located some you tube tutorial vids on a diy home plate and a  post from a lady in england with apparently lots of experience from the old days making hectographs as they were called then. the wiki recount is fascinating.
nothing new under the sun!
scroll to the middle of the page and you'll find the recipe.
sort and sweet the plate in the mold above.

and here the unmolded's somewhat scary the way gelatin transforms into this rubbery silicone like texture.
the procedure is very easy and 
although she says- or maybe one of the  vids
i watched- that it keeps without refrigeration i am refrigerating mine because it's very hot and we do not have central air con.

fun and games for this week. too hot for anything too involved. although i miss my looms and weaving.

neki desu
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Friday, July 22, 2016

sakiori or the art of rags

 exquisite,as with all things japanese.
have a good weekend

neki desu
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Thursday, July 21, 2016


this was lost in the morass of papers.some lines,some circles,some texture.even when the weight is in the center, the background quadrants make the center less "central". so does the texture on the topmost paper.

and now the fringe benefits.

two gorgeous  drop papers. must start using cloth instead of paper. two birds with one shot.
some of you have inquired so  here's the link for the composition course .

neki desu
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