Friday, September 23, 2022


means hospitality. using flowers to convey it.
have a good weekend

neki desu
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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

the science behind

scouring. i had always eyeballed everything being the kamikaze that i am. however now i am starting to weight the fabric ,record and derive the formula for the soda ash and synthrapol. can't wait to start the actual dyeing as i foresee an improvement in colors and cost effectiveness.
the murks above. i am using a whole lot of  locally sourced cotton fabrics, and some vintage linens from my mother in law.

the cellulosics already dried and pressed.

on with the silks which have been in my fabric bin as long as forever. got many at a closeout sale of a store during my barcelona years.

turning a page my nephew& wife are coming this weekend to visit auntie and uncle.need to prepare so i am taking a short break until next monday.  friday vid will be a scheduled post.

neki desu 
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Monday, September 19, 2022

the maiwa way

the online course has started and i am bouncing off the walls.
after so very many years being a kamikaze dyer and weaver i am following the instructions to the t, weighting the fabrics and taking notes.
it is such a pleasure to deal with such professional, organized people.

 of the good things that came out of covid was the proliferation of online courses available.
had always wanted to do a maiwa course, but going to canada and staying a couple of weeks or months  was out of the question for me.

even bought litmus paper to test the water. lo and behold i was under the impression that it was hard water and it is exquisitely neutral. all the 8 gallon bottles i have been buying during the past 6 years  for nothing. ¯\ ( ツ) /¯

neki desu
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