Tuesday, March 05, 2024

following a white rabbit

the first one of the second warp.funny how the more you work on an idea the more options it generates.the proverbial rabbit hole. 

 I must be getting somewhere near the centre of the earth

there are about 3 more meters on the loom  to work on hopefully exhausting the least the ones i can think of.

neki desu 
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Monday, March 04, 2024

awol is a misnomer

in suffering mode.for one, intense cold ans snow on the hills with all the plants already out.clematis with buds ,momijis with tender leaves out,and jasmine budding. <( _____  )>

on the other hand indoor xmas cactus after discovering it is not actually a cactus,hence watering ,doing well.

however the real pickle was turning the studio into a tabletop photo space and photograph 2 series of works, one of them white. (>人<) two weeks of shooting with lights popping out having to reach out for amazon. all done  next comes editing and uploading to the page.since i update about every 2-3 years when i come back there are lots of new features which i have to learn.years ago the platforms were user friendly for no geeks like me, now they've gotten extremely pro and you need to hire one to do the work.which is like putting your kid through college. let's see if i can continue or i should start contemplating closing the page down.

neki desu 
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Friday, February 23, 2024

if you can get your hands on


gorgeous bluish and redish  purples 
this also applies to yarns and info on wool bcse japan didn't have sheep until the europeans came.

 neki desu
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