Wednesday, July 26, 2017

hem and topstitch

and this is done. re-purposing a well beloved dress for the top part. the bottom is wool nun's veil. those nuns really know their fabric.
seems that it never gets really hot here i am going to keep sewing this kind of jumper but changing the skirt.long sleeves underneath and i'm set for summer nights. hope this is not in the category of famous last words.
i am still going around the silk fabric i wove ; not too sure of the patterns because it is such a short length and i'd really have to piece it.doubts,doubts.

neki desu
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Monday, July 24, 2017

now you see them

sampling to get the correct diameter in monofilament. the upper one too thick,50 mms. and the blue cast bothers me as i find it counter intuitive.the middle one is still too stiff at 40mms.  the bottom is 35mms, somewhat better, but still thick.

now you dont! 25mms and i think i can go down to 20. nice and supple and best of all
invisible.working at tension 7.

tension 9 proved to be too loose and ended up in a big loopy mess. yes, sample,sample,sample. i ended up with a big supply of monofilament. fishing anyone?

neki desu
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Friday, July 21, 2017


somewhat late for tanabata, but it has that atmosphere.
have a good weekend.17Âșc here,please do not hate me!

neki desu
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