Wednesday, October 26, 2016

sometimes they're blue

and in keeping track of their changes
i started this warm up work.not a great piece of work, but work nonetheless.feels so great after almost 3 months in dry-dock. 

neki desu
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

in awe

don't think i'll get tired of my new hood. started my morning walks and there's a lot to be explored in the park in front of where we's an interesting kind of urban park, very natural and wild,yet with some facilities such as water fountains, a section with exercise machines, toilets, benches and even picnic tables. all in a very unobtrusive fashion.
lots of bird chirping and even mooing cows, not to mention the electrified wires to keep the wild boars from descending to town. no luck with that so far!   

neki desu
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Monday, October 24, 2016

not perfect

but in working conditions. the sewing table's still inundated with stuff but getting there.the two knitting machines all set up and the printing table is the babe of it all.
can't believe all the natural light! my studio in barcelona was a dungeon.
still need to hang the warping board and the textiles; the board is a necessity the textiles can wait.
dying to get the looms set up. the table one is going to the alcove between the walk in closet and my bathroom.there's a huge window there so i think i'll need sunglasses ^_^

neki desu
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