Wednesday, August 11, 2010

about undoing

dropped stitches

as children we are taught to do. and to make if we're lucky. but there is no educating about undoing, perhaps because it's easier and more time/cost effective to discard and start all over again.
undoing  is not really a feature in a computer program, or a key stroke, it takes time, patience and concentration. it is an unchartered route that you take  hoping to get somewhere.  
for those of us working in isolation it represents a country that has never existed before.akin to those countries, no matter how old and visited, that have never existed until you go there and discover them.
undoing is about inventing systems for a repetitive never ending task even if you are re inventing the proverbial wheel because it is about deriving satisfaction from those invented systems.
it is also about the gratifying feeling of salvaging a work which could have been easier to discard. because undoing  always happens in the middle of a work not at the beginning, not at the end.

just yesterday i was corresponding with internet friends and talking about how well this  machine knitting was going. and undoing happened.

neki desu
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  1. I have plenty of hand knitting projects waiting for me to undo them. (I call it "frogging.") But I find that I need to be in a certain, non-A-student frame of mind before I can do it. Otherwise, it feels like punishment! Go figure...


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