Monday, August 09, 2010

on linen

lots of linen2
linen is one of the queen yarns in my book, the other one being silk. i understand silk and can work with it, dye it, warp it almost blindfolded because i have spent years with it. but linen has always intimidated me and just recently i have begun working with it. the purpose behind is stash reduction as  i find ridiculous to be buried with my stash.
most of the yarns are  tow linen  from the days that i wove tapestries and  used thick yarns for weaving. i now weave with very fine grist yarns and the tow linen is not only thick, but also a well known trouble maker for warps, as it does not withstand abrasion.

so in my quest for writing informative blog posts i came upon some interesting links:
and if you are contemplating setting  up your own business it seems that china has become a new member of the linen producing community. live and learn.
p.s.i did some more printing yesterday. the fabrics are still batching.

neki desu 
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  1. Thanks for the great video link! Linen and silk are also my favourite yarns. I love the fragrance of natural linen.

  2. The thick stuff may be too heavy for scarves or other wearables, but wonderful for your knitted bags or for table linens such as mats and runners. I'm sure you'll find ways to use up that stash! I know what you mean about being buried with it...

  3. Its been a long time. Your FGM has reappeared. :)
    Your blog just gets better and better. Love the new (?) background.
    Trawling back a few posts saw the one about using machine knits for something other than wearables.
    Saw some fabulous porcelain vessels some time ago that started life as handknit and were coated in porcelain (not sure of the correct term for that procedure) and then fired. Have always hankered after doing that.
    Have you tried knitting with wire yet?
    What you need now is a ribber then I'll send you a book that has the most amazing techniques in it - you just wouldn't believe.
    Went on two different weekly workshops with the author several years ago. She comes from the US and came over here a few times. Absolutely amazing. She really knew her stuff. Book is now out of print and mega expensive but you know me - I have 3 copies (don't ask) :)
    Googled her sometime ago to see what she was coming up with these days and guess what? She collects and dresses Cupie (sp?) dolls now. No mention of the knitting machine at all!!! Such a waste.

  4. neki, linen is wonderful and a hard lesson, for me anyway. i also find that linen or flax paper is just as challenging, and really quite wonderful. it's a fiber to learn over the long haul, i think.

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Edenderry is quite a place! Hay, if you are interested in a linen swap (I think I have some more fine), can I have a peak at your rough-stuff some time?!
    I have another project after this one that it might be useful for. The colours of the tow are lovely.


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