Monday, April 18, 2011



bored stiff after threading, tieing on etc's a good thing weaving is my passion because setting the loom is not a chore to get passionate about.
i spent time during the weekend generating fractal images for my amusement. the one above was particularly successful and led to various what iffings.

fractals animation neki desu

like this animation for example. sorry, it was huge and had to compress it with a great deal of loss of quality. but you get the idea don't you? also wanted a transparent background, but was unable to work it out (>x<)

the image was generated in apophisys 7 worked in kaleider and recorded as avi and translated into gif with animation shop.
it was furthermore printed on lutradur for a t textile treatment which is still not too clear.

there were other amusements as vero was in town and we went for a drink. or two.while trying to avoid any place with a tv set because there was a big barça madrid match . i even got to see the dress in person and it's prettier than in the photo.amandine,her daughter,  is a great help too (^_^)

and to round out the amusement. strange country this where i live. instead of easter bunnies they have easter monkeys! mona is the name of a traditional easter cake, but the word mona also means female monkey (^_^) the pastry shops are displaying all their creations and it is  a sight to behold.

neki desu
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  1. Pensavo che la prima foto fosse il tessuto che stai per tessere, che meraviglia di colori e di texture. Non conoscevo la Mona de Pascua, né avevo idea del perché si mangiassero tante uova a Pasqua!

  2. That still version certainly looks textilish! Love the colors, too.

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    So much like some kind of bumpy weave structure with hints of indigo.

  4. Kewl fractals!

    I'm guessing that in order to avoid seeing Barca/Madrid you had to sit under a table?

    I don't think we had "mona de pasqua" in Los Madriles. Is it just a Catalan thing, like the Xmas log?


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