Monday, April 25, 2011

awol but not idle


machine knitted linen shawl

went to tarragona. the weather was yucky, but the food was never disappointing. uploaded some photos here. because the light conditions were not ideal i spend a lot of time dinging with the hrd setting of my camera.think i like it.

back home and full of energy and ideas. yucky weather too. poor people who had the week off and had made reservations at a beach place!
i stayed inside and produced the first controlled distress knitted number that you can see above. love knitting linen!!the baby's going to be dyed with brazilwood which is already steeping in alcohol.
brazilwood being good and patient and waiting a week for it to develop. i'm using caesalpina sappan, but apparently most of the brazilwood around
is caesalpina echinata which gives lighter colors.

the table loom is already warped but i broke one of the tieing cords and will have to go buy more tomorrow. managed to sample a bit before it broke and the weft is going to be a 30/1 cotton. one inch sample and it   bulged and collapsed in water. (^_^)
the louet is slowly being threaded. it is so stressful and messy to add heddles to a  half threaded loom. life's too short so i de threaded added the $%&** heddles and started threading again.anger management courses should use looms as part of their therapy.i also have to take it slow because i'm pretty much terrified to hurt my cervicals .

working on some plastics too. more about that tomorrow.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Neki, Gorgeous!!!
    Why is the brazilwood in alcohol???

  2. Love the shawl. It'll be spectacular dyed with brasilwood. Tarragona looks pretty cool, too. I don't think I ever got there during my travels in Spain back in the 1970s..

  3. Anonymous3:28 AM

    love the idea of knitted linen. didn't know that you soaked brazilwood in alcohol, will have to try it. good luck with the loom.

  4. The linen looks amazingly supple. I have never tried brazilwood and will be looking forward to seeing the result.

  5. Very, very yummy...!

  6. I'm smitten, raindrops in linen knit, *sigh/swoon*


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