Monday, February 07, 2011

habu in barcelona

tatako-san and darlene-san

tatako-san and darlene-san

in person with a trunk full of wonders.

stainess yarns

habu's incredible yarns, especially the stainless steel mixed with wool or silk. some beautiful shifus  and linens also.
it was exhilarating to  find out tatako-san is a weaver, hence the fine grist  yarns she carries.

knitting kits with the most incredible knitting statement shibui  garments.

gossameer this one was love at first sight, a cobweb motif in indigo colored yarn, ethereal and understated.


the tunic on the right  was also a winner. i had to concentrate for the photos 
 because of the powerful visual stimuli  and the excitement,so apologies for the wonky compositions.

this one here is seriously considering getting a knitting  tutorship, encouraged by a very nice lady i met at the place where the activity was held. tell me who needs the quirky  fashion establishment when you can make these wonders.
however,in  the meantime i bought two one ounce cones of...
guess what? (^_^)

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    stainless steel and silk, in lavender and taupe


  2. Oh dear - Neki and Habu in one room. Now that's a dangerous combination!(Ask me how I know, I do the same thing...)

  3. paper, and stainless/silk?

    habu is in ny--as far away by car as barcelona is by plane, i think...

  4. boy!i'm really predictable!! yes, got the wool and stainless.contained myself and didn't look at the silk (^_^)

  5. Neki, ma questo è meraviglioso, un'altra finestra sulla creatività per me! Grazie.

  6. When you make your trip to Japan again, let me know as you will have to visit Avril's yarns!


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