Tuesday, February 08, 2011

we keep on going


in and out of doctor's  self replicating bacteria once you set up an appointment with a doctor it replicates  in an endless loop. and i'm ok, no health issues. will have 2 more weeks between doctors, dentists and some paper pushing stuff.

i ,contrary to facts,  have been managing to do some of my projects. reeding the first layer for my summer top madder dyed silk in various shades. the second layer will be the carrot top dyed silk. all together this is 20 ends x centimeter and i have not decided on which draft to weave. either a parallel threading one  i designed or a double weave based on a Bonnie Inouye tie up. being judicious this last option will kill the two proverbial birds in one shot. i can use it as my submission for the CW double weave study group.

also husband-san the magnificent printed the pattern for my dithered fabric on his office plotter. why is it that my pattern generating software prints in din-a 4 and  also you can't take the file to a copy place?
i must say i found a workaround  in making a pdf file.
however, you need someone with autocad to ding with that pdf file  so that it can be printed full scale. or that's what i understood of that long winding explanation husband-san gave me.
with some luck i'll be cutting and sewing tomorrow and friday.

on a side note either you gals know me really well or i am boringly predictable- yes i bought the wool stainless yarn! (^_^)
and thank you Cally for the handweaver's studio link, says one happy camper here.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Yes, you really needed more yarn after the Habu visit, right?

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    your projects are always so intriguing. one day i will weave again. nice to have something on the horizon to shoot for. you always keep me inspired!
    wool stainless yarn- is that real yarn made from stainless steel?? no idea.
    husband-san the magnificent-grand title!

  3. If he's so magnificent that he can solve printing and copying problems, shouldn't you call him "husband-sama"? (with the accent on the final syllable)

  4. Wool stainless yarn - woot! As a knitter, I don't know what I'd do with it, but I like it very much in the abstract sense.

    Haven't had much time to knit with the cold-asthma-beginning of the semester combo, but I'm now feeling inspired to go dig out the infinity scarf I started back in November... It'll be nice to have an FO to post on my blog. And something for me, better!

  5. Anche qui...quanta ispirazione.


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