Tuesday, May 20, 2014

witche's brew

back to the pot.
things i've learned:
keep a hawk's eye for temperature increases
dye the skein for 10-15 minutes then  take it out add lime water stir and put it back
lime water is essential ph should be around 8-9
Liles says all one needs to know about madder dyeing.(or any other natural dye to that effect)

i'm getting red finally! a dull red but  nonetheless better than coral red

neki desu
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  1. I too have trouble getting true red from madder! I'm usually too cheap on the dyestuff proportions (especially if it came out of my garden!) and our water is both acidic and lacking in minerals. I've been adding unflavoured Tums tablets for calcium and sometimes mix in some cochineal to bring it more towards red. You got a lovely deep colour anyway! Love it.

  2. I usually add some cochineal to get better red, haven't tried with higher pH but that's something I should experiment though it is not so good for wool.

  3. i left a comment, but it looks like it disappeared, if it didn't good, if it did, i was mostly wondering about liles' book.

  4. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I got a beautiful blood red by puting the chopped madder root in a glass pot, adding hot water, putting the screw top on and leaving it to soak
    for two days. I then diluted the dye with water and used it to dye silk. Maybe I just got lucky, though ;-)


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