Monday, May 19, 2014

akane 014

or monkey see monkey do.i saw someone getting the red we all want with madder using a huge amount of dyestuff .and as soon as i got home i tried.
 this silk warp boiled a bit so the color is more of a terracotta. fine with me because it works with the hemp that will also be used as warp. and the design  and concept i have in my head.

the silk skein is too corally yet. it's going into 

the pot again.the madder i'm using comes from 
a company in the netherlands and it was a
 gift from a friend.the yellow has been
removed and the instructions say to raise the temperature and keep it at 99-100┬║ for 80 minutes.
i found that to be the difficult part.

excuse the photo drama but don't tell me you'd rather see this boring photo

neki desu
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interaction appreciated!


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