Wednesday, May 14, 2014

of shuttles and makers II

the finishing: filing to shape and polishing the wood. i think this is also done to prevent the wood from drying and cracking. sandra? chime in.
notice the placement of the eyelet.
the bottom shuttle is 17 cms long and 1 cm high used for silk brocading the top one is 24 cms long and 1.5 cms high for weaving the ground fabric.

there is a simple wire with a spring that holds the bobbin in is flexible  from north to south and rigid  from east to west at the same time.
since japanese looms are not wide, a kimono fabric is 36 cms. wide,  the shuttles are not going to travel too far on the warp. thus this simple mechanism controls the bobbin and doesn't let it spin wildly.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I have two of these shuttles, one of each size. They were graduation presents from Kawashima, they are little works of art and feel wonderful in the hand. I wondered if the shaft holding the bobbin was the inside part of a ball point pen?

  2. Yes, the finish helps to protect the wood from cracking and splintering. It also keeps it from catching on warp threads as it passes through the shed. Lucky you! I'd love to find some of those beautiful shuttles. They'll be on my shopping list next time I'm in Japan. Before I go, I'll email you for contact info for the shuttle maker.


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