Tuesday, May 13, 2014

of shuttles and makers I

while in kyoto i had the opportunity to visit hasegawa-san's workshop housed in a traditional machiya in nishijin.
hasegawa-san is a third generation kyoto shuttle maker; a soft spoken man who downplays his importance  and fame in that very japanese way. 
his family supplied the shuttles to  silk weavers in nishijin during years and although there are not many weavers left in nishijin , hasegawa- san still continues to practice his craft.
the shuttles are made of oak blocks which are carved and filed into shape. most of the work is done by hand although drills are used to drill holes and a hand press like machine is used to force an eyelet into the holes so that the fine silk threads don't get caught.

 except for  one or two all photos are from the catalogs he gave me.
i was too enthraled and at the same time excited to take photos

neki desu
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  1. so interesting! must have been awesome to have seen this for real

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I love how Japanese crafts turn every tool into its own highly developed craft. a good reminder.


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