Thursday, May 15, 2014

of shuttles and makers and III

here's how the two pirn shuttle works:
the bobbins are inserted on a clip like metal shaft threads are passed through plastic eyelet1 up through a series of metal eyelets and out through plastic eyelet 2 at the top . the metal eyelets on the contraption insure tension on the yarns. you can extrapolate this to the 4 pirn one
on the left hasegawa-san and his wife and assistant.
 a catalog of his shuttles:

my loot:

the second and third are kind of end feed shuttles notice the  metal hoop that catches the thread and acts as tensor. hasegawa-san insisted that they were fly shuttles. i kept saying yes,yes totally convinced that if i hesitated about having a fly shuttle he would not have sold them to me because of  that very japanese thing that uses  cannot be interchanged.

this one is very special. during my visit to nishijin textile center i asked one of the ladies where i could buy shuttles.after talking to another lady she made a phone call and then got back to the lady. some talking was done none of which i could understand. the second lady who is as the firts one one of the resident weavers went to her loom space, opened a drawer and pulled out this shuttle. she handed it to me saying " presentto" and insisted on me taking it.
her very own shuttle used, tamed with fur eyes got misty.
the bobbins were another " presentto" these from hasegawa-san.

neki desu
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  1. this is just lovely. a story for you to keep close to your heart, every time you use that shuttle. the best tools are the ones that have had other hands use them.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    treasures for sure

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely story neki. You will treasure your shuttle always. I enjoyed reading your interesting post.

  4. All these shuttles are just wonderful - no wonder you were mesmerised!

  5. Apparently the fur stops the silk from slipping.....

  6. Ah! I am going to Kyoto next week and I am trying to find out how to find Hasegawa-san and see his beautiful shuttles! Do you have any information on where to find him? It would be greatly appreciated....


interaction appreciated!


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