Tuesday, August 06, 2013

will work for anything

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just to be able to pay the electricity bill. had to bite the dust and get one because it didn't matter whether we were roasting, the ai vat was 25ÂșC and wasn't going anywhere. we'll see how this works.
the cord extender will be a tripper . i have also been warned by the  maker that it is not intended for other uses. but do you really think that the heater minds that the water to be heated is blue??i don't think so.

neki desu
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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works.
    This summer has been hot here and perhaps a good weather to try indigo fermentation again, but I am so discouraged from earlier times when the night temperatures dropped too low and I never got it going. I would need a heater like that, too:) If it works, that is.

  2. Ah ah, ma quante ne combini? non stai proprio mai ferma!

  3. I doubt that it has a color sensor onboard...

  4. This looks interesting I have not heard of this what does it do Neki. we have high power bills here so any help would always be welcome.

  5. ah, that's very inventive!


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