Wednesday, August 07, 2013

pleased to inform

that the heater works well. it only goes up to 34ªC as it is for aquariums and not for making fish broth.
i bought the 100w. one, but in theory the 50 w one would have been enough as you need a watt x liter.
the extra wattage means that it heats quicker, but once the thermostat get to 34º it shuts down.
that said it takes out the chilly edge from the vat and puts it to work. to go up to 40º must be heaven on earth, but have not found anything that could take the vat there.
another consideration i'm taking is that since the temp is not optimal i'm letting it rest for an hour after each session.

yesterday's catch.i am a very happy camper.

neki desu
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  1. Love the clamped piece! And you're getting beautiful, dark blues with this vat.

  2. love what you have done with this Neki, the pattern is great.

  3. Lovely pattern!
    Lidl sells electric pans for making jams etc, about €60
    This has a thermostat, so good control of temperature
    Would be the right time to look out for one


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