Monday, August 05, 2013

breezy fashion

knitting this tunic was a breeze. japanese in stye = 2 large rectangles sewn together.  being so light it needs a body inside to hang straight. really like the overlocked edged, very  sephen burrows   ^_^
the only caveat is that the linen is so fine and the knit so open that it catches  and runs like crazy.

i also tested the walking foot and it works very well. upset with my machine because the bobbin keeps jumping in the case and creating a mess with the overlock foot and stitch. elna's are definitely NOT what they were ever since they're  not swiss made  anymore.

waiting anxiously for the color changer to arrive. 
advancing my mk education with this and thisalthough above my head most of the times, their posts serve as stimulants.

neki desu
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  1. this is very, very nice, i like!

  2. Se ti può consolare sono andata a comprare un walking foot per la mia macchina da cucire Pfaff e sembra che non esistano! Grrr

  3. PS: bello il lino! E' sempre quello famoso?

  4. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Nice. Very, very nice. It looks almost ethereal..

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM

    looks very chic.


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