Tuesday, July 23, 2013

second ai installment

linen samples photo linensamples_zps932b2d45.jpg

the frugal textilianhas to put to use all those linen machine knitting samples. firrst move was dyeing, next we shall see.
those observant eyes will note that the lacy sample is much darker. 4 dips and had i been less impatient i would have ended with Kon ( ) or what we understand for indigo blue #191F45

cotton tulle photo cottontulle_zpsac4a6990.jpgthese other samples are an insanely expensive cotton tulle used in bobbin lace. what for i don't know, lace makers please chime in!
i bought 20 cms, but being wide i have enough for my small scale work. i bought it foreseeing the summer blues :)

neki desu
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  1. cotton tulle...maybe for needle lace. such beautiful colors.


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