Wednesday, July 24, 2013

of itajime and a future cover

 photo itajime-back_zps9e063155.jpg
right, the next installment is preparing fabric for some kind of cover. duvets are too hot in september or october yet sheets are too flimsy because-hopefully- nights will be chilly.with the scraps i'm dyeing and adding some gifted squares and odd bits of jeans and such i want to patch all of that into a cover.
some  of them might get a stitching treatment nothing arty, just to add interest to the monochrome .

 photo ita_zps7a067b75.jpg photo itajimeandyarns_zps5b498911.jpg
more itajime on the works.there's some cotton yarn as well . preview of coming winter attractions.
moving on .
have you noticed that for 1 person who's doing original work there are gazillion re-fries and or pins on pinterest?
one more thing. this is going to sound sexist, perhaps it is,but have you noticed that men bring a different look-feel to textiles?
there are some working in weaving, knitting and stitching and i find their work very stimulating.
is it because they don't do pretty?
( am i opening a can of worms with this heat???)

neki desu
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  1. an interesting observation, ' don't do pretty..' will have to find about this when next looking at textiles produced by 'men'...

  2. Cool blues from your ai vat, Neki! Pondering your hot topics. The whole point of Pinterest is to be an inspiration wall so repins are inevitable. I personally prefer the privacy of Evernote. Nobody but me knows what I have in there! As for "pretty", I'm not sure it totally divides along sex lines. There are cultural differences and just personal style too. In my case too much fluff and frou-frou makes my teeth ache and pink is my least favourite colour! The older I get the more I like plain and simple. Hmmm...

  3. well, pretty is a trap, but a pretty one...punny thing. i wonder how much is preference, how much societal expectations. the men in textile design become "names" usually.

  4. Some men are making interesting textiles certainly, but I also see some whose work is not tremendously exciting. I think the numbers are in their favour - with so *many* women designing/making textiles there are bound to be a lot whose work doesn't appeal to you (or to me or to any given individual). If you happen to be a person who doesn't like 'cute', for instance, then that's going to rule out a lot!!


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