Thursday, July 25, 2013

it's the p.h. stupid!

more things i've learned with/ from this vat:
most of the time one tends to o.d. on the reducing agent when just by adjusting the p.h. the vat gets going again. excess reducing agent as you savy dyers know creates problems such as stripping the cloth of the already deposited color . it also produces splotchy dyeing, i've found; correct me if wrong.

continuing to dye pieces for the cover. doing the happy dance because i found a pair of old worn to death  jeans that i'm going to cut and dye.

i have gained enough confidence this summer and with a little

help from a friend* this big vat is waiting its turn for next summer. must be at least 50 liters. shudder.

 interesting comments from yesterday's post. velma's point that men in textiles  usually become names is very thought provoking.

neki desu
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  1. Sei troppo tecnica per me, ma ora che ho la 'Bibbia' molto presto saprò di che parli....


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