Monday, July 22, 2013

warning! aizome rapture

tell me not it's a handsome vat. i went big leagues, from 5 liters to 20 and without much apeasing the
ai gods but with a lot of patience it worked.

 i am still unsure  regarding the checking and judging of the color so i 
prefer a clear plastic container.this one was salvaged from a restaurant's refusals.
 it contained  remains of sunflower oil and took me a week  and a whole bottle of  kh7 to clean the viscous putty-like gunk.
as a side note: do not go near sunflower oil, that thing is mean.
i can only wonder what it does to your arteries after being submitted to high temps.

what i learned from this vat:
soda ash has a shelf life so does hydrosulphite.
i bought new hydros and using less i got a good reduction.
instead of measuring and converting and dealing with all the involved math i  figured that if it worked for fermentation vats why not use the 1-2-3 recipe. it worked extremely well once i replaced the old chemicals.i also switched to slaked lime instead of soda ash.not a very scientific move as i now have added another variable to control.
anyhow it worked very well and next morning it was still in shape,no need to sharpen it.
i am also noticing a variant in color and i suspect it is due to temperature in the low 30'sC.
will keep an eye on that and report. the problem -i'm old fashioned, still have problems-that needs to be tackled is warming the vat which is outside.

one of the results. remember them? they came out pretty well, the patchy color on the left leg will come out after rinsing.
you poor readers will be hearing about the ai  adventures all week long. you have been warned.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. i love how the light comes into the vat , it makes it look quite beautiful. my vat is asking for attention. have you tried an aquarium heater? glennis has a lot of luck with that.

  2. looking forward to reading about it! love having a go at a dye vat but has been a while since i did. mm, might get my dye pot out too but at the moment far to hot to do so

  3. Good work! It is a beautiful vat! And the pants look much better in ai.

  4. Solo una settimana? Speravo di più! Interessante l'articolo che citi, quando mi sono divertita col madder chissà che non provi anche a fare un ai vat.


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