Tuesday, July 30, 2013

narrowing choices and serendipity

realized that if i want to really grasp the whys and hows i need to narrow the knitting choices.
i am basically interested in grungy knitting : holes, dropped ,stitches and  ladders. i am also interested in two color knitting especially creating maze effect, something akin to shadow weave. yes, i always go back to weaving :) as a result i will drive my efforts and concentrate on those two , that by the way will take up my next three lives.
the back of the knitting looks dismal with all those floats! the front is much more promising.

mazes knit cool but they require a lot of concentration, note the solid bands as a result of not changing the could really plan those as design elements.
i am thinking of arty pieces knitted in mazes.

2 color bars . ok, but not a killer.
maybe worked in two textures they could be  more interesting-

serendipity! i forgot to engage the punch card the needles were already selected, but as the card wasn't moving the same pattern yarn kept repeating, resting on top of the needle.after 10-15 pasess i became aware of all those floats on the needles and engaged the knitted a pass catching the floats and making them bubble out.
i'm sure all you experienced mktters know this, but for me was discovering how to make bubbles!
need to work on extrapolations of that.
did i say my next three lives?

neki desu
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