Wednesday, July 31, 2013

more 2 color sampling

getting in control of the bubbles. producing them at will :)

looking into a color changer which promises automatic yarn change.
i have yet to see a mechanical automatization. sounds like an oximoron doesn't it? anyway it will do away with unwanted stripes
like these for example.

slip stitch sample. or is it tuck? i was using punchcards and doing both tuck and slip without taking notes or marking the sample, of course.

a needle misbehaving. there is a problem with the latch not opening. good grief! i am in command of the nomenclature :)
if you want to know more about knitting machines go here.

neki desu
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  1. been looking at these posts w/ the knitting machine. i remember seeing one in use years ago and loving the mistakes. so i get that. but, oh, learning more technical stuff, not for me. i can enjoy the fruits of YOUR learning, right here!

  2. my mom had a circular sock knitting machine when I was a kid, all I could make was holes, afraid I wouldn't be any better now. I like the unwanted stripes, they add character.

  3. Mi piace il primo campione, belle quelle bolle proprio accanto alle strisce.


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