Thursday, August 01, 2013

and now in living color

yesterday was spent studying my hand manipulated stitches book as i need intellectual support for my sampling. i want/ need to understand what's going on and why things happen.then i'll start designing my own stuff. but for now the safety net of a recipe helps me understand and build confidence.

one thing leads to another to another and yet to another more. in short, ended ordering the harmony guide to machine knitting stitches by barbara devaney which apparently is one of the bibles in the subject. i also felt very virtuous because i bought it from a goodwill storefront in amazon  ^_^.
one thing i know for now, not interested in fairisle. we'll see later.

two color knitting can last me for the rest of this life. although the same at first glance  stitch in the photo above is quite different from this one.
and this is ruling out stripes. 
see what i mean?

neki desu
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  1. OTOH, I've seen some very modern fair isle. Doesn't have to be little symmetrical designs...

  2. Sono sbalordita alla quantità di studio e campioni che stai facendo, ma un po' di tempo per marito san ce l'hai?!?


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