Monday, July 29, 2013

of hand skills

when in need of clarification i turn to sennet and his book the craftsman :

"Concentration consummates a certain line of technical development in the hand. The hands have had  before to experiment through touch, but according to an objective standard; they have learned to coordinate inequality; they have learned the application of minimum force and release. The hands thus establish a repertoire of gestures. The gestures can be further refined or revised within the rhythmic  process that occurs in, and sustains, practicing. Prehension presides over each technical step, and each step is full of ethical implication."

training my hands in a different routine, that of knitting with 2 different yarns; in this case 2 colors.

there are lots of movements involved and it needs more concentration than  weaving with 2 shuttles, but it's not much different. yarns also cross and the crossing determines whether they keep on knitting orderly or turn into a twisted mess. first baby steps.
more samples! .... to train, to do one's best, to honor the craft.

another related observation: the japanese are such good designers because the country suffers from a chronic lack of space. therefore each thing in its most efficient place and nothing is superfluous; that nook under the rail serves to secure the out of work yarn!


" We have trained our hands in repetition; we are alert rather than bored because we have developed the skill of anticipation.But equally,the person able to perform a duty again and again has acquired a technical skill, the rhythmic skill of a craftsman, whatever the god or gods to which he or she subscribes"

neki desu
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