Wednesday, June 12, 2013

another finito

 photo 716f4696-690c-41e4-b9b4-d1492bc5fb81_zps1df7b9c5.jpg

from the inner landscapes series. i am working my tail off because i want to finish the series before the heat sets in. yes, seems that summer's finally decided to show up.
there's also another reason for the haste. seems that i'll be accompanying two friends on their pilgrimage along the camino de santiago or  st. james' way.
i am so very much psyched . it holds many promises and i'm sure it will be something special. as the saying goes, it's not important to arrive in santiago, the importance lies in the way itself.or as we used to say way back;   it's the trip not the destination.
i know i'll be back with a head full of ideas.


 photo land5_zpsc0180a38.jpg

neki desu
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  1. Enjoy the journey and hope to see you soon with a lot of energy!

  2. beautiful weaving. sounds like a wonderful adventure awaits...enjoy.

  3. Questo 'finito' è semplicemente magnifico, mi piacciono i veri toni ed i cambiamenti di colore. Piccola maga!

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I love these pieces. I feel as though I am being drawn in through the surface of the cloth to something deep inside.

    And how exciting to walk the Camino de Santiago! A friend of mine has been doing the whole thing in stages and reports exactly what you say - that it isn't the destination but the journey.


interaction appreciated!


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