Tuesday, June 11, 2013

discovery channels

chart1 photo chart_zpsc049cd06.jpg

a whole world out there beyond our ...frontiers? mind set? did you know that the russians are a knitting super power? and they really do not care if passap, toyota and brother do not make knitting machines anymore. they make their own. russian ladies are fiends with those machines producing incredible work, especially lace knits. designs are somewhat iffy to my taste, but i am very picky. and not only do they knit with machines, they are also superior handknitters; i am paraphrasing someone on ravelry.
how did i discover all this? in one of my incursions i came across  this net which houses  many lace charts, patterns and ideas. above my head right now, but who knows in its due time. and thanks to google translate i had more than a few giggles. 

the second discovery is Pamela's awesome  her last post  she showed a sample  with the kind of knitting i like. she was kind enough to share a chart and give some explanations. it was a challenge for my slight dyslexia as it involves decreasing and decreasing to the right and left of each motif. i even had to mark the lefts! needs a bit more practicing, but i felt pleased to be able to decipher a chart.

 photo chart2_zpsaae452d9.jpg

 my take- increase decrease in one direction. less movement in the motifs, but also less stress. guess i'll have to get some valerian root pills to work on pamela's chart.

 my last discovery-for the time being- is these lace charts from another russian lady. bless her they are in english.
i am sure you proficient knitters out there will enjoy them.

neki desu
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  1. Ooooh! Those little sideways pyramid shapes are cool!

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Very timely, as lace knitting is usually the only kind of knitting I want to do in the summer...

    I also recommend Mary Thomas's lace knitting book -- a classic, cheapie from Dover, and now available as an eBook! (Oh, joy on the last one.)


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