Thursday, January 31, 2013

romance ain' t what it used to be

romance warp

all those nice slubs and pilling that would make such an attractive, wabi yardage...that rustic silk doupionni  that would add charm to the final cloth....
they are a royal PITA! anxious to finish and get my hands on good ol' organzine. 

it's frog thin; 5 strands  twisted into 1 and it's still thinner than a dime. but it's strong and smooth and very twisted so no pilling.
hoping to finish  weaving over the weekend and start doing the warp chains.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. whether or not they are a pita, the warp is gorgeous. really really.

  2. I just got some dupioni yarn from Thailand. I tried to unwind part of a skein so I could weigh and calculate grist - those slubs are indeed a PITA - they grab onto everything! The cloth will be beautiful, though, so I hope it's worth the aggravation!


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