Thursday, January 03, 2013

just two things

trying not to be over ambitious i intend to concentrate on just two things this year:
learning how to make good  cinemagraphs and  getting proficient at machine knitting.
the rest will take care of itself.

sorry folks, i'm not allowing anonymous comments anymore. pretty sick of spam and for the benefit of 3 or 4 - hi family!- for which i kept it and they never comment......

neki desu
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  1. Very moody seaside scene - love it!

  2. Awesome cinemagraph. At least that's what I assume it to be. (I say that even though my father always told me to remember what the 1st three letters of assume are and to make sure I didn't make one of myself by doing it). I know you put that link there for me.

  3. Favolose quelle onde!

  4. Yesyes knitting machines! Do a review please! Or a comparison or something (if possible) they don't sell 'em in Australia anymore so I plan on getting one from the UK (because US power supplies are incompatible with those used in the rest of the world)..

    Also, good on eliminating the anonymous- I've found logins bring accountability and politeness to the commenting section.. XD

    1. for knitting machines you can check out soni choi in hong kong via ebay. closer to home!eveyone speaks wonders of him.

  5. Oh and the cinemagraph started moving once I'd commented -or perhaps I didn't give it enough time to load the first time XD Cool.


interaction appreciated!


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