Wednesday, January 02, 2013

trooping the colors again

3 colors

not all has been wining and dining in my household. there has been some working too. tackled the cherry baths that had been previously heated and the green matter discarded. the baths were kept outside with day temps around 10-12ºC. no odd growth was noticed.
 bottled water was added to the twig bath then heated until simmer for almost two hours. the resulting color  was very concentrated! then i added   two skeins of alum mordanted  tram silk . they both came out as nº 1. so i took them out, split the bath in two and to the second one i added half a teaspoon soda ash.i got nº 2, a very rich sienna.
nº 3 is an odd warp chain of silk doupioni, no mordant.  although the bath still had some color it was not as bright and saturated.i have another silk skein languidly dyeing there with no heat.
today i am mordanting  2 skeins of silk organzine that  are going to be dyed in the other half of the bath without soda ash.and threading some more. the warp is roughly half threaded!

happy new year to all!

neki desu
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  1. How good it feels to create your own materials.

  2. Such lovely colours you got, Neki! I especially like number 2.

  3. What lovely colors, especially that no. 2! I love the wood dyes for their rich, warm hues.

  4. Happy New Year Neki
    heres hoping that the creative muse leads you to even more wonderful discoveries
    Peace, Lisa

  5. Anonymous7:39 PM

    oh yes, no. 2 is a winner. isn't it amazing the work we will go to for a little brown??

  6. Troppo belli questi colori, mi piace leggere come li ottieni e l'idea di tingere con la corteccia di ciliegio è amazing!

  7. this is the cherry bark? very good! i am very happily surprised and you should be very happy! a happy dance is in order!


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