Monday, January 07, 2013

and now the warps


most of the colors yielded from the cherry bark came out satisfactorily, except for noºs 1 and 5 that are rather wimpy.this may be due to the weakness of the bath or the yarn or both. 
nº1 is a heavy cordlike silk which always dyes lighter than the rest. considering overdyeing with brazilwood to get a light salmon.
skein nº 2 is organzine silk alum mordanted and dyed, skein nº3 is also organzine alum, but with an iron modifier and so is nº 4. the silk ,however, is doupioni and i've noticed  the colors are brighter and more saturated without scouring. this one was scoured. nº 5 is the other wimp, but this one is shantung silk from george weil and i'm leaving it as is because it will make nice random stripes.

thus all the warp is already dyed.the project is going to be yardage for a skirt, still contemplating wefts whether charcoal grey merino or black merino. i have time though as i am just beginning the ai kakishibu warp.finally!!

it's going to be another crepe, they are very wearable and i don't run the risk of getting tired of the zara  fashion here folks!

reading  the songlines by bruce chatwin.
few books have widened my horizons more except perhaps  shadows of forgotten ancestors by carl sagan.

neki desu
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  1. you were right, neki, these silks are wonderful. grand colors. and i expect the charcoal or black will be perfect. ...i remember really loving the songlines.

  2. thanks for the book recommendations. can't wait to see your skirt.

  3. oh. these colors are ike wild animals.

  4. Come sono caldi questi toni bruni anche io credo che staranno benissimo col nero o grigio scuro, otterrai un tessuto molto elegante e basterà un taglio semplicissimo per avere una gonna da Academy Awards.


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