Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quality and a creative solution

4th dip   6th dip

amazed with the quality of this indigo.after so many years trying and going nowhere i've finally joined the results league. the image on the left is the 4th dip the one on the right the 6th. it has changed from a dark royal blue to a deep dark blue   ^_^  ♫♪
i had to find a creative , yet another one, solution for the dyeing hoops  that keep silk skeins from tangling. was not ready especially after spain's rescue to pay a ridiculous amount for the professional stainless steel  hoops .people at the hardware store hate me i'm telling you. i never use things for what they are intended and they don't like that. guess it challenges them in more than one way.

 here you have it: a bike lock with a clamp. it's flexible yet strong, covered in plastic and inexpensive. all i needed.
the silk skein is on its second dip.

neki desu
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  1. The people at the hardware store may hate you now, but soon they'll be bragging that you shop there. Gorgeous blues!

  2. onesmallstitch4:58 PM

    oh, now you're singing the blues! I never heard of dyeing hoops but great solution.

  3. thank you Margery that's very sweet!

  4. Posso venire a fare un paio di immersioni?


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