Thursday, June 14, 2012

little miss know-it-all

short dip
 old jeans dipped in indigo to see what it can do to them

yesterday after a very pleasant catch up with ruth and her new baby i headed to the fabric stores downtown in search of jean fabric. nothing fancy, just plain jean fabric.
store nº1
me: i'd like to see jean fabric
saleslady: here
me: but this is not the regular jean fabric.
sl: yes it is. been like this forever.
me: no it isn't this is plain weave, one over one under and jean fabric is twill, 1 over 2 under.
sl: well i don't know about that.
me: well i happen to know about that.thank you and have a nice day.
store nº2
me: looking for jean fabric
salesman: here you have it
me: do you have anything without elastan?
sm: no we don't, but it has always contained some elastan
me: ok can you picture a rugged cowboy perched on a horse wearing jeans of such a girlie fabric? i of course was thinking in rudder terms.
luckily  the salesman had some sense of humor and he chuckled.

thank goodness for the internet. located a  spanish online store that has regular jean fabric in 3 different shades of blue and 3 different weights.
no wonder why fabric stores here are closing down!

neki desu
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  1. And isn't it pitiful when you know more about the merchandise than the sales clerks? They should have *some* training!

  2. onesmallstitch10:03 PM

    I can believe it - just don't have to like it. I keep asking "what's happening to the world?" - nobody seems to have the answer.

  3. the best place that i find jean fabric is at the thrift stores...a great variety. do you have those type of shops?

  4. jeans, don't get me started! ok, so when i ride horses (not often these days) i wear them, so i like jeans and i know that they are hot. i mean they are hot, but efficient. but these jeans with the effing elastic in them, they are HOT and they wear out and they look weird because the weave is weird. AND if you want to buy a pair of levis w/o elastic (lycra, whatever) they cost double or triple the cost. WHY? supporting the chem industry again? ugh.


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