Tuesday, June 12, 2012

me too! me too!


the katazome fever is running high. after bryan-san's post i've read from others trying their hand at katazome, or stencil cutting. i wanted to print a motif, not sure if this ume or a sakura, as the last step on this scarf.the original idea was to burn a master with my beloved print gocco and print on. but on second thought i decided to jump in and be in good company (hi jean!) i'm not going to be as authentic, though. i'm crossing over techniques and coming up with my own solution.
scarf is being dyed one last time. cutting both stencils, refining and testing . today i have the yearly check up and testing is going to have to wait until the afternoon.then stamp along!

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch5:13 PM

    hi Neki - it's fun, can't wait to see the scarf. thanks for the link.

  2. Per bacco, neanche io posso aspettare di vedere che magia farai ANCHE questa volta!


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