Monday, June 11, 2012

the white linen that brought me a friend

maglia finita

the story goes like this:
oh how  i wish i had access to linen, i posted one day.
blandina answered kindly offering to track some for me. samples sent; price was right so she bought a kilo for me.
sending a kilo over from italy was another story, ridiculously expensive, even by post. i jokingly said that with that money i could go pick it up myself and she replied that we could meet half way. so we met in aix en provence. while there i also took the opportunity to see vero in her own ambiance and introduce blandina to her.
we had a fine time in aix indeed. and i've knitted yet one more  long rectangular thing.
but, stay tuned because there are going to be changes on it. and as susan says there's a big deal about linen, literally and figuratively i add.

ps: the weaving is almost finished!

neki desu
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  1. Bella la storia, bello il tessuto...chissà che sorprese ci riserverai!

  2. i love LOVE this. i wonder if i can get a bunch of people to mee, in the north country, say...


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