Wednesday, April 04, 2012



have been working on this baby all winter long, layering paper and paints. it is centered around a piece of machine knit linen which served as a gauge sample. i also did some machine stitching which became too prominent and had to add layers to soften it.the hand stitching is a heavy silk floss that was dyed, woven,  dyed  again  and un woven giving me a variegated yarn. lots of gold and brass glow was added  highlighting some of the creases and the knit. 

the trick was how  to photograph all that glow. i have been experimenting  adding  gradients and like the results that i get. you add a gradient layer and select the merge mode which really depends on your image and the effect you want. usually soft light and linear dodge work well, but you could use difference or pin light adjusting the opacity to taste.
experiment until you get what you want or like. 
from all the gradient resources on line i have found these that work well with photos. the person has downloadable packs that include nature's beauty pack and tuscany skies, the one i find useful for showing all the glow. have fun!

neki desu
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  1. Fantastico, questa tecnica di sovrapposizioni mi ispira.
    Se proprio brava e inoltre hai fatto bene a scegliere i 'Tuscany skies'!


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