Monday, April 02, 2012

the reds

pot before

and lots of patience. patience to extract the dye, to age the mordanted cloth to dye re dye and age. not mentioning the loom controlled shibori; the tieing, drawing tight the cloth, untieing. no one would pay for all the hours spent.that's why i do it for me.

close close2
some considerations: the cotton didn't shrink as much as intended so the cloth is pretty open, almost like a gauze. i'll have to line the garment if i don't want to overexpose myself.
i'm pleased with the color shifts a result from mordanting with alumn and then painting with iron in certain parts.

the pattern and the pleats. don't know whether to iron it flat or not. it will not hold the pleats forever and sewing will be impossible for me.

on the thyroid front i was prescribed eutyrox50. will be making merkel labs richer.i read that people on it put on weight. as if i hadn't put on enough. holding back until i get another opinion. looking for a doctor that listens and then prescribes. feel  like Diogenes with his lamp.

neki desu
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  1. Beautiful cloth. It'll make a stunning garment.

  2. onesmallstitch7:57 PM

    I love woven shibori but it does take time. Beautiful colour, it looks very delicate. Can't wait to see it in a garment.


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