Thursday, April 05, 2012

exhausting the dye pot

more reds

never before such a successful dye extraction! rich and deep color with a big yield  of dyeing pigment.

there was still  a lot of dye that could not be  thrown away so i started looking for things to dye to use the remaining color.  the above is a piece of cotton from a recouped dress. it has some  leaves which were previously wrapped and dyed and a resulting ghost shibori. the outcome was mildly interesting, but needed color in a bad way to balance the dirty dish water browns. it doesn't look bad now. there will be some stitching also and i want to do something to highlight the snap on the top left .

there are still  more pieces in the pot . some felts from friend fabienne, yes the same one who yet has to set up her blog :) 
if you're at facebook check some  photos of her awesome work. she has influenced me with her dyeing.

neki desu
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  1. HI Neki,

    This is just gorgeous!!

    BTW, I am back at:

    Big Hugs

  2. a beautiful piece of cloth. love the graduated color.

  3. yes, her dyeing is "fab"

  4. beautiful! i'd love to see more of your process!

  5. Anonymous12:06 AM

    glad to see you have better fun in dyeing au naturel, cara, nice colors here and thanks for spreading the good word for me anyway. Curious to what the felts will do here?

    from the one who still does not have a blog ;-)

  6. bello bello bello, come vorrei essere io a ricamare questo tessuto che parla senza parole!


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