Wednesday, December 07, 2011

update on linen and life

soaked tablecloth

thank you all for the tips and advice re the tablecloth.
 we're living a crazy week this one. there are 2 holidays in between week so that makes the whole week a week long holiday in most cases. shops vary depending on the will to take off or the crisis, but my usual suspects are gone. 
this is to say that i had to make do and use baking soda that i had in store.
boiled softly the whole ensemble for over 3 hours and you would not believe the color of that water.
rinsed thoroughly and put them back in the pot with clean water and more baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) for a long soak. the outcome is very, very good  stains are almost gone. 

my mother in law, as all ladies in the past, kept her linens in drawers with a bar of perfumed soap bars to freshen and scent them and also to keep moths away.the scent was so ingrained in the fabric that even after boiling with baking soda, the well known odor fighter,the fabric is still perfumed.and no traces of moth damage.
note to self: buy perfumed soap bars for linens!

tomorrow i'll rinse and hand to dry.the not so good news is that i don't get direct sunlight  in the terrace until february. no sunbleaching therefore. rent anyone?

neki desu
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  1. well we get sun here, but you would never know it for the past few days.

  2. We've got lots of sun here, but it's cold - down well below freezing at night. Still, enough sun for UV bleaching, but a long way to travel for it...


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