Monday, November 28, 2011

feeling slightly smug

knotties weave

managed to finish the nettle warp amid  heaps of domestic BS.  it is going to be used as pages for some books i have in mind. now let's see if i can scrape off time. and i'm not counting the holiday preps which look like sci-fi this year.

i had never worked with nettle before and it gave me pleasure to learn how a new to me yarn works. it sheds a bit, but it is quite strong and there's nothing that a good rub with beexwax can't solve.
it takes paints very well and the next  test will be that of dyeing.
 although it has been used in the himalayas forever it is apparently  the new it yarn for us.

thank you blandina♥♥♥

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    nettle will have to go on my list - can't wait to see the cloth.

  2. Fantastico, sono felice che l'ortica fosse nuova per te, avevo l'impressione che conoscessi e sapessi fare TUTTO.
    Anche io non vedo l'ora di vedere il prodotto finito!


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