Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lovely things

rocking tulips

great stuff going around on the internet. let's be thankful for that !
  • interesting thought provoking read on crafts, craft practitioners  and craftsmanship.
  • new earth friendly high tech (the three in the same sentence, yes) developments  using linen fibers.
  • those on the japan trip will appreciate this color vocab list :) pay attention to the hex numbers, now you can use those colors in your graphics!
  •  shifu for those who want to use it, but don't want/know how to make it: maybe you shifusers are familiar with this page. i just found it.

have a lovely thanksgiving those of you in the u.s. 
 don't get lured by the calls of black friday and cyber monday and please buy handmade!

neki desu
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  1. or buy nothing!
    i'm off to check your links, but want to say happy thanksgiving to you. will you celebrate?

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    thanks for the links, all very interesting. looks like the paper yarns are made from wood pulp paper. it must have a very different feel than either shifu and Korean hanji or the papers that Velma uses. we can all stop for a moment and give thanks.


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