Tuesday, November 29, 2011



took this to aix and stitched on the trips when i could not see the scenery any longer. yesterday i gave it the finishing touches and voila finito!
the base is distressed lutradur with a brass patina.then comes the linen knit ,as it was a sample to see how this particular linen would knit it came out already distressed. but i added some more distress.on with the stitching  here i had some hard thinking on what stitch to use as the base stitch because of the knit structure.
finally chose upright crosses in linen because i found it to be complementary to the knit. the seed stitch was a no brainer!  what can you add to give it unity and a good pop? 
then the focal point(s) distressed kunin felt with brass patina and puff paint dots with a yarn tail and some copper wire to force the metallic concept and make it visible.
i feel rather virtuous using all the knitted samples making stuff with them    ^_^ 

the awful news is that the ancient laptop which runs the loom gave me the dreaded black screen yesterday.
with husband- san being out of commission  it will have to wait a while. good thing i have old faithful aka 12 shaft table loom.

neki desu
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  1. The seed stitch is lovely. And yes, when the technostuff fails we really get back to our roots. Maybe 12-shaft will be a real breakthrough!

  2. Beautiful piece. I like the combination of media/techniques. Great work!

  3. this is so beautiful.

  4. Anonymous1:56 AM

    the colours are wonderful, deep, rich and mysterious. really like the upright crosses - rather partial to crosses myself. Hope husband-san and computer are both back in commission soon.

  5. Mia cara, è splendido.
    Io che l'ho visto da vicino so che i particolari sono molto interessanti e che il lavoro di ricamo si amalgama con il supporto in un effetto molto originale.

  6. i love this, beautiful


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