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this is the hilarious way english is spoken here  in jest. remember in grade school when we pretended to speak french by ending all words in an accented √®? well here the joke is adding ing to words ergo bicing, sofing, vueling...
 so i am sampling-that's english!-using the leftover silk warp and i'm creping-that's spanglish-using alice's crepe structures as a springboard. the first one in the photo from the bottom is with a same grist silk yarn and the second one with a much thinner yarn. plan to use a crepe yarn too and if i have enough warp maybe my fine 48/2 merino. let's see how it all reacts after wet finishing. after this i'll rewarp with a much finer silk and do it all again . then on to study the difference.

don't be impressed, i'm doing all this as a delay tactic. have to finish re thereading the dobby(still) and make up my mind whether to leave this as a scarf or use it as inset  panels for a top. it's already finished, but  haven't  wet finished it yet as the use will dictate whether to twist the fringe or cut it. and as every weaver knows, twisting the fringe comes before wet finishing. you don't want to know how i learned that simple truth.

neki desu
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  1. Ha-ha! Creping indeed. Your sample looks very crepey. That's a good thing. Let's all go creping.

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    oh, I'm good at delay tactics - have one of my own going on at the moment. I'm impressed with anyone who functions in more than one language - I should be bilingual in Canada, my father came from Quebec and I studied French all through school - but I'm NOT. University Japanese left me able to be reasonably polite and ask which way the train is going!! I'm language challenged much to my embarrassment.

  3. Beautiful colors! It will be very interesting to see what wet finishing does to the texture.


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