Thursday, October 27, 2011

this is the end my friends.


when the little knots touch the heddle eyes. i could get 10-15 cms more, perhaps 20, but the knots start  getting tangled and life's too short.
friday i'll start re tieing and re sleying as this warp was 2 ends x dent on a 4 ends xcm  reed.
next one'll be my regular silk @20 2nds x cm. still for sampling crepes .
i had to drag myself from the computer because alice's crepe action is absolutely addictive.
i love actions for photos ( can't you tell ?) and actions for weaving are, well, beyond words.

my excitement aside from combining geekery and weaving is because the resulting weaves are ideal for wearables.and i'm on a mission of stash reducing and making my own clothes.
rebellious  little me wants to wear what i want not what i can find in stores.

in a nutshell the action transforms colors into  matrices that can be woven.

jean crepe

i got this crepe from the 12x12 matrix on the side doubled to fit a 24 shaft pplan . three pattern repeats are  illustrated.

jean2 big
the matrix was created  from a medium grayish blue,
 like worn jeans, but not too distressed. i've found  most colors in the mid values yield good weavable results and the pure values do not seem to work for me.

the verry good news is that since it's a textual kind of weaving you do not need gazzilion shafts, you can work them with the multiples of 4.
 (alice correct me if i'm wrong because math is not my thing.)
you can download the action and the crepe overlay from her blog.

 i warned you. it's an addictive process.

neki desu
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  1. well, the results are lovely, but omigod, the, using your word, geekery, is not my cuppa. though i have had fantasies of having my photos woven, there would be a wonderful interface called a technician making the loom system work. i would stand at the back beam, beaming, as the cloth revealed itself.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    OMG - I'm with Velma. I seldom use all my 16 harnesses and with really technical talk my mind runs away, hides in a corner and clutches my blankie! (handwoven of course)

  3. Well, sometimes our inner geek needs extra encouragement :-). Neki, you are correct with the math, except that the starting weave has to be square and an even number, but not necessarily a multiple of 4 (it can be 6x6, 10x10, etc.).

  4. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful stash to make your own clothes. I find a lot of things in the stores here this year are either ugly, and of poor quality or both.


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