Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my bad

for not contextualizing hannah arendt's remark.
she was a german thinker and also a jew during world war two.
it is not difficult to imagine the intellectual and emotional  turmoil she lived through in those years and afterwards  with the findings and the trials. 
to form a better opinion  i reccomend   eichmann in jerusalem a report on the banality of evil.

more of sennet:

"Craftsmanship names an enduring basic human principle the desire to do a job well done for its own sake....
the craftsman often faces conflicting objective standards of excellence; the desire to do something well for its own sake can be impaired by competitive pressure, by frustration or by obsession.....
every good craftsman conducts a dialog between concrete practices and thinking; this dialogue evolves into sustaining habits, and these habits establish a rhythm between problem solving and problem finding.."

 words to be thought and re thought. and what's fascinating is that  he  goes beyond manual labor and includes  the code writer, the cook, the good parent, the doctor.....


and humbly sampling on the knitting machine. learning to hang, twist and move stitches.

neki desu
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