Monday, July 18, 2011

flip flop nation

 spanish moss

hadn't been to the states in 11 years and the changes are noticeable. for one people  in general are much more aware that they share the planet with other people. also there is less reckless buying binges, perhaps due to the economy, but i think it goes deeper than that.
sizes have shrunk in cars as well as in items at the supermarket. an individual yoghurt doesn't feed a family anymore and a toothpaste tube stopped being a landing strip. air con is set at a comfortable temp, not a  freeze to death one .

on the not so positive side i noticed a general tendency towards the unkempt and dishevelled. people walk around with mismatched wrinkled clothes and flip flops. little care is  spent  in personal grooming. and this is across the board, not only in the younger set, everywhere whether it be a mall, the airport or a restaurant.
i'm not saying that one has to be "in gowns", one can wear jeans,  a nice shirt with  a belt  and look smart. but an occasional comb through the hair, a hair or beard trim, some color coordination is not going to hurt.
i have gained a new understanding of the style blogs i frequent. they are rebels going against the grain!
is it just  because it was  in florida?? i wonder what has happened.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, it is the same in this country. Although some people are still well dressed it is the moral sloppiness which is heartbreaking and depressing.
    Interesting your remarks about the reduced size of items.
    Bentornata in Europa!

  2. nope. sloppy is in.

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    good to know you are home, hope all is well. I live in a border/tourist town. We have noticed that "sloppy" has extended to manners and attitude as well. sad that people feel that way about themselves.

  4. I think it's easier to be a shlub in warmer climates -- you can't wear flip flops all year in New England.

    What did you think about the relative rationality of people? I think they've gotten loopier, myself... That's why I'm looking forward to a week in Canada, which appears to still have a sizable population of normal folks.


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