Tuesday, July 19, 2011

modestly helping the u.s. economy


these are my tally-buys: 4 oz crepe cotton, stamp ink pads, thread, metallic yarn.  what's inside the bags was free, windfall lichens that will make a dye pot.
not in the photo: natural indigo both pre reduced and powdered, a pair of shorts and three seed packets which already have been planted.
fingers crossed because if they sprout i'll have long coriander(eringyum foetidum L) and sweet bonnet peper ( capsicum chinense) which means rice and beans, yellow rice, pigeon pea rice, stews....yum yum!

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    oh goodie, I'll drop by for supper!

  2. Thanks for shopping!

    This time of year in my touristy hometown, I always want to wear a t-shirt that says, "Welcome to Newport. Please leave your money and go home." Not that we wouldn't want *you* to stay, Neki-chan.

    (My WV is "ovese" -- isn't that what you call a fat sheep?)


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