Monday, June 13, 2011

yards and yards

cotton yardage

seems like occupational therapy, which is more or less what it is. have gathered less than a third of the total and it it not tight yet, just gathered.the color is nice and soft, but thinking that after tightening i'll dunk it again in brazilwood to pump it a bit before painting mordants to shift the color. problem is ( remember when there were problems and not issues?) that i'm traveling to the states due to family issues(irony intended) and won't be around to check the pot.even sun dyeing needs  to be watched.
posting will be irregular during this week as i'm rushing to get things done before leaving. it will hopefully be resumed from my sister's provided there are textile news.

neki desu
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  1. i'll keep an eye on it... travel safe.

  2. its showing an interesting old fashioned (thats not a bad thing) color on my monitor. Take care.

  3. I like the color as it is.
    Have a safe journey.

  4. Hope you have an uneventful trip, and the family issues are easily resolved.

  5. Anonymous2:55 AM

    all that gathering takes longer than you think - and it's so important to get it tight. Safe journey,

  6. Love this colour Neki, hope someone does look after your work. Have a good trip and trust all will be well. Travel safely.

  7. E' bellissimo, Neki.
    Fai buon viaggio...e che vada tutto bene.


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