Wednesday, June 01, 2011


 off season

pun intended on various levels. the scarf above started last spring  went on dyeing through spring and summer went on into winter with mokume shibori and kakishibu. i really wanted to try kakishibu on wool because i had heard it was not very successful. and it's true, not even after aging and exposing it to uv rays it blooms. so now i have a wool scarf in the middle of spring. take climate and climax!
although this really can go on because i'm thinking of shifting the color a bit. either overdyeing it in some of that gorgeous brazilwood or a weakened walnut hull dye.

as murakami says in 1Q89: sony and cher, the beat goes on.

neki desu

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  1. Actually, I quite like that color, a nice russet brown. Does kakishibu usually go that dark, or is it because it's wool? I've usually seen kakishibu on cotton, and usually it's paler, more apricot.

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    kakishibu on wool! I understood it made the wool very harsh and wirey. I've had good results on silk, cotton and linen and excellent deep colour if left to "ripen" in the sun. Neki, your sun will be much stronger than mine, should be good. In Japan I saw it weighed down with rocks on a metal roof and really cooked. I love the colour.


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