Monday, June 06, 2011

i can do plastics-the end

plastics finished

 while waiting for the colors to develop plastics is  finally has developed into quite a baroque piece, but i like the contrast between the glittery plastic, the organza and the ribbon. all different degrees of sheerness and gleam.

took a walk this morning while waiting for the alginate to thicken and the jacarandas are lovely. just had my cell phone but tried some photos.will have to upload the photos to my photo blog if they are acceptable.
the alginate is part of the experiment for  painting fabric with natural dyes.

 over the weekend  tried this  sans the men helpers and the huge mallets. had romantic ideas about making my own mochi from scratch. HA! going the prepared flour route  instead.

neki desu
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  1. That's a really exciting piece - it seems to be lit from inside.

  2. Love it! Nice contrasts of textures.

    Michele Wipplinger uses gum tragacanth to thicken natural dyes. I've no idea where one would get it in Europe, but you might put google to work and see if it's available.

  3. I too waited for the alginate to thicken, but I was at the dentist!
    I loved the mochi hammering.

  4. mmmm...mochi. toasted in a bowl of soupy sweet red beans and a bowl/cup of macha.
    as for gum trag...can you try the local ceramic supply house? i used to get it from mine all the time when i worked with porcelain.
    that's some lovely layering going on there.


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